I have Goldfinger.

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Unfortunately, he has no fairy fate. He was not sure whether the grandnephew in front of him had been instructed by the immortal or the martial arts master of the secular world. In the eyes of Mingming extinguished light, looming, looking at Shen Qinghe's eyes are eager to some.

An hour later, both sides were injured and fell to the ground. Shen Qinghe fell below and shouted to the tree, "Ling Ling, go back to the village quickly. Let my uncle's brother and uncle go up the mountain and drag the prey." "All right," said the little fairy. The man had drifted far away and looked around to see if he could see his uncle. The little fairy really found an uncle who was digging wild pimples in a dense forest. He had a third uncle beside him. It seemed that he only had to call his first cousin when he went back. The second cousin was one year older than his brother. It was estimated that his strength was not as strong as hers. Now the little fairy Lingling, who boasted that she was very powerful, was already a little floating. When she returned to her brother again, the little fairy pouted and was unhappy. Her cousin was too slow. She had to wait for him while walking. She was worried to death. The brother and sister took the rope and a door plank that Shen Qing and the family did not use, which was the best way to drag the tiger. Uncle Shen and Uncle Shen have been nervously staying by his nephew's side. Shen Qing has been fighting with a pig and a tiger. He has repeatedly intervened in their war, but he doesn't want the tiger's skin to be damaged too seriously. The tiger's skin can be exchanged for a lot of silver. The elder cousin followed his cousin panting and saw his father, cousin and uncle. He was so tired that he sat on the ground. "Ling Ling, you ran too fast. My brother was tired to death.". I can't. I have to rest. Sweating profusely and panting like an ox, Shen Qingling did not speak. She just looked at her brother proudly. The pride in her eyes could not be concealed. Uncle Shen also saw it. He put his foot on his son's buttocks. "It's useless. You can't run past your sister. It's free to eat for so many years." "Dad,asrs warehouse, don't blame me, you can't run faster than Lingling. It's too fast.". Look how tired I am. Cousin Shen has a big heart, and he doesn't mind people saying that he is not as good as his younger sister. In his heart, the cousin of the second uncle's family is mysterious all day, and he is good at kung fu. He is a monster. He can't compare with him. He knows himself very well. This is also where he is open-minded. I'm sure I can't run. I'm old. But you are young and useless. You only know how to shout. Then kicked a foot,metal racking systems, no eyesight to see the guy, also do not know to give their own father to leave a little bit of face, but also shouted. Back in the village, the two families of Uncle Shen and the villagers who got the news also came. The only big landlord in the village, Landlord Shen, also came. He wanted to buy tigers, tiger skins, tiger bones, tiger whips, heavy duty cantilever racks ,shuttle rack system, and tiger meat. Many people crowded in the courtyard of Shen Qinghe's house. Many people looked at the vegetable garden in the courtyard, which was lush and green. They all praised it and said, "Xiaohe serves the vegetable garden very well. Look at these vegetables. They grow very well." Landlord Shen sat under the eaves and waited. Half of the families in Wumeng Village are surnamed Shen, all of whom have settled here for hundreds of years. Now a large family has been bred with a large population. Aunt Shen asked her second son to take the eldest son of the third family to find the father and son of the black butcher (Shen Heizi). Two wild boars were sold to them, and tigers could be sold on the spot as long as the price was right for Uncle 15, the landlord sitting outside. Her family and the third family do not intend to benefit from the light of the two children of the second family. The two sisters-in-law are self-aware. After the second couple died in an accident, the two families did not help the two children much at all. Now there is no face to touch any light, but this little help, they as close relatives and elders can still help. The author has something to say: Xiu Xian Qi Training-Foundation Building-Golden Elixir-yuan Ying-Spirit Transformation-Distraction-Combination-Mahayana-Plunder Crossing-Immortal.. The Qi training period is divided into ten layers. After the foundation is built, it is divided into the early stage, the middle stage, the late stage and the Dzogchen. Alchemy: It corresponds to the ten levels of cultivating immortals, from level one to level ten. Refiner: same as above Fu: Same as above Array: Same as above Chapter 85 cannon fodder her brother (02). The two sisters-in-law are not bad, and they are barely reasonable people. They were helping at home, and they didn't know what the two children were going to do with the two wild boars, and whether they had the idea of killing themselves and leaving some meat. They didn't know, but they were also boiling water and preparing to kill the pigs. The two sisters-in-law were busy in the kitchen and brought some food and vegetables from home, intending to cook something for the people who came back from the mountains. The little fairy Lingling entered the courtyard and saw many people at home. She ran fast with short legs and ran directly to the kitchen. "Aunt, three aunts, uncle and brother are back." The sentry at the front station reported that he had arrived earlier than the soldiers in the rear. The two sisters-in-law of the Shen family walked out with their little niece. "It's so big." Shen Qing and a man dragged a big tiger of several hundred catties, and three people behind him pulled two fat wild boars with a wooden raft made of simple branches. The black butcher sat beside Landlord Shen and also grew up his mouth. "I'm a good boy. Xiaohe's strength is really great. He can drag hundreds of catties at a young age." Landlord Shen looked thoughtfully at his grandnephew who was dragging the tiger into the courtyard. He had only heard that this grandnephew had been taught martial arts by a master, but he did not expect that a ten-year-old child was so much stronger than an ordinary child. It seems that he got the true biography. When he was wandering outside in his early years, he knew that there were immortals in the world, but they had never had immortals in Wumeng Mountain for hundreds of years since the Shen family settled down. In the future, I don't know if I will have a chance to see those immortals again. If I have a chance to see immortals, he must give his children a chance. Unfortunately, he has no fairy fate. He was not sure whether the grandnephew in front of him had been instructed by the immortal or the martial arts master of the secular world. In the eyes of Mingming extinguished light, looming, looking at Shen Qinghe's eyes are eager to some. I have to be generous about this business today, and I can't care too much about it. With the decision, Landlord Shen's heart was calm and he had a gentle smile on his face. Shen Qing and his brother and sister greeted the villagers and clansmen in the courtyard one by one. Uncle Shen moved out a chair and sat under the eaves with the third brother and asked his nephew,Automated warehouse systems, "Xiao He, how do you deal with these?" "Uncle, I've bought all the tigers. I'll give you and Uncle a boar and kill another one. Ling Ling and I will keep some of them. The rest will be given to the clansmen. Everyone will taste the meat." 。 kingmoreracking.com