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Qiao Muchu was lucky to meet such a person as Zhao Yangli. But at the moment, she could not figure out the act of running away from marriage, but it was also her own misfortune to be too confused, and the happiness in her hands was thrown out. How did you know they were here? The bottom of

Her lips fell softly on half of his side face, gently, the force was like a feather across the general, some itching, but he could not help blushing, even the tip of the ear seemed to be infected by this emotion. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he didn't know what he wanted to say. Mu Chu smiled and kissed him on the back of his face again: "This is proof that you are only mine in the future, and you can only think of me." She spoke with a light smile. Rong Yu: He was stunned again, and then let Mu Chu have no time to react to the overbearing, his hand suddenly imprisoned her slender waist, the other hand is quietly pressed her neck, toward him. A little cold lips covered her, soft and tender. Chapter 550 true and false Qiao Muchu 22. But the overbearing does not allow her to have the slightest resistance, her whole person enveloped in it. Drive straight in, and the heat will burn and melt her whole body almost instantly. "Yes, we only belong to each other in the future." For a long time, he promised her in a hoarse voice. Mu Chu: "" It turned out that the foolishness she had just seen was just an appearance. In fact, this time his real temperament is overbearing and underbelly black, looks harmless, but get along with it is not easy to fool. Mu Chu also did not choke with him, but smiled and nodded obediently: "Yes, we are all each other." After saying this, she jokingly raised her eyebrows and changed the subject: "So, can you let me go now and let me deal with the business?" Because of the kiss she had just made in a moment of excitement, they had been standing here for about ten minutes. Mu Chu is afraid of two people again so dawdle go down, stay a little while she goes down again cannot see Qiao Mu Chu. She was busy for so long today without stopping for a moment, but she didn't think that she didn't catch anyone in the end,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and that the chicken flying eggs didn't achieve any purpose. She seemed to smile and asked seriously, but Rong Yu was embarrassed for a moment, and then released Mu Chu: "What's here?" He began to change the subject. Mu Chu squinted at him, then turned away again and looked at the big tree in front of him. "You'll know later," he said in an unpredictable tone. Said, she also no longer delay, pull Rong Yu then go forward, around the tree, Rong Yu also saw the scenery behind the tree. A beautiful green tree house, small and exquisite, like a work of art. Moreover, the structure of the tree house looks like it was formed naturally, not built on the day after tomorrow, which shows how rare it is. There was a moment of surprise in Rong Yu's eyes, disc air diffuser ,wall penstocks, but I didn't expect such an inconspicuous place to have such beautiful scenery. However, he did not believe that Mu Chu took him from the wedding to here, during which such a big circle, to the end will only be for the viewing of such a landscape. Sure enough, after the two of them went all the way into the small tree house, Rong Yu saw another face that he was more familiar with, exactly the same as the one standing beside him at this time. There is another man he is familiar with, and almost the whole country is familiar with, Doctor, the father of robots! Saw Qiao Muchu and the doctor at this time tightly hold hands together, Rong Yu also this just reacts to come over, originally this is the man that Qiao Muchu really likes in the bottom of his heart. But when I think about the doctor's past deeds and personality, and his birth. Rong Yu could not help but shake his head and sigh from the bottom of his heart, his cousin, it seems that this vision is a bit confused, compared to Zhao Yangli, the doctor in front of him can never be the best candidate for Qiao Muchu. Even now the doctor seems to care about Qiao Muchu very much, but the eyes are like Rong Yu, and where can not see the doctor's nervousness about Qiao Muchu, the ambition hidden under this concern. And his birth, orphanage life, no background of the humble, in addition to robotics research, can almost be called the IQ of an idiot. Even if his ability in robotics can be high, but the weakness of other aspects, but also let his heart of this ambition simply can not take the head, simply can not support. Behind Qiao Muchu, the leading family of the stock market was born against the background of envy, jealousy and resentment. Chapter 551 true and false Qiao Muchu 23. Even if the doctor is sincere to Qiao Muchu, this sincerity can never be purely without any purpose. So once Qiao Muchu relents, it's hard to say how long it will be when he really gets the true feelings he wants. But Zhao Yangli is different, Zhao Yangli's starting point is the same as Qiao Muchu's, and his own intelligence and talent, and the development of this career is several levels higher than before! Has faintly crossed a big head of the Joe family! And he was born to be proud and conceited, open and aboveboard, even if he wanted a dominant family, he would not use this method of deceiving a woman's feelings to achieve his own goals! For this reason, he took the happiness of his life. It's just a pity that his cousin is so confused that she doesn't even understand such a simple situation. The starting point of being born from childhood is too noble. People like them often put interests first and do not have too many true feelings to speak of. Qiao Muchu was lucky to meet such a person as Zhao Yangli. But at the moment, she could not figure out the act of running away from marriage, but it was also her own misfortune to be too confused, and the happiness in her hands was thrown out. How did you know they were here? The bottom of my heart is full of twists and turns, but Rong Yu is calm on the face. Although he knew that Muchu was created by Qiao Muchu and the father of the robot, he was an intelligent and powerful robot, but when he turned his head, he could still understand the whereabouts of the doctor and Qiao Muchu clearly. Rong Yu suspected that Mu Chu was not actually a robot,rapid sand filters, but the illegitimate daughter of Qiao's father outside! This kind of cleverness is not like the standard that robots can reach in this era. "You guess?" Mu Chu casually echoed a sentence. As long as it was also at this time that the two people holding hands had already discovered them, and their faces were ugly. So now even if Rong Yu is very confused, this is not a place where Mu Chu can slowly solve his doubts. Why are you here? Qiao Muchu was surprised to see Muchu pulling Rong Yu here. khnwatertreatment.com