Romantic medical ethics (features)

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And he was not like other people who came to make trouble, and none of them was ruthless. He's got twice as many men as the Decepticons. The last time he came to the Phoenix Pool, he came to investigate how many Decepticon goons there were in the Phoenix Pool. Although the last time

Night, Phoenix Pool. The brilliant lights lit up the urban nightlife of Yanjing. A lot of handsome men and beautiful women, young men and young women, and romantic girls hang out here. The whole Phoenix Pool was polluted, and the voices of love between men and women rose and fell one after another. The Phoenix Pool, which was shrouded in darkness, did not seem to notice that the danger under the darkness had come quietly! Under the night light not far away, the figures of a group of men in black were stretched very long by the night light. In their hands, they hold lethal weapons, such as machetes, iron bars and so on. The goal of their slow progress is the Phoenix Pool! …… It's on the second floor of the Phoenix Pool. In a superior VP compartment. Decepticons, the boss of the Phoenix Pool, is controlling two women. The life of three farts is extremely wonderful. Lie on one beautiful woman body, in the hand is playing with one beautiful woman's big chest, big buttocks. Play to the excitement, Decepticons will also slap the buttocks of beautiful women, like sex. Scenes of abuse. All of a sudden, "Ah-" a scream. It was followed by a group of people screaming. The Decepticons moved. The voice came from the ballroom on the first floor. Looks like someone broke in! Without saying a word, the Decepticon, who had not yet reached his state,disc air diffuser, turned over, jumped down from the two women, and quickly put on his clothes. He must be the guy with the fierce eyes who came to make trouble that day! Sure enough, before he could get dressed, a younger brother rushed up to the second floor, ran outside his door, knocked on the door quickly,Wall Penstocks, and someone came to make trouble! With a click, the Decepticon angrily pulled open the door. Also do not ask the younger brother situation, a block in front of the younger brother to push aside, pedal to run downstairs. Decepticons come to the first floor. The ballroom, bar and KTV on the first floor are already in a mess. There were a lot of people fighting in the middle of the ballroom. Knife bare stick shadow, very intense. The Decepticons smelled a strong smell of blood. He looked to the south of the ballroom and saw a man, the young man with the fierce eyes who had come to make trouble that day! He's really here! Besides, look at his posture, he came prepared. This let the Decepticons can not help but eat a surprise, this guy is really not simple ah! I did the first day for him, and he came to do the fifteenth day. It's just that the Decepticons never thought this guy was so powerful! When the Decepticons came down, the Decepticons' men looked a little scared just now, and suddenly they seemed to have found the backbone and surrounded them tightly. As long as their tiger is here, they are not afraid. Decepticons already have a high prestige in their hearts. The Decepticons were surrounded by their men, Mechanical fine screen ,fine bubble diffuser, and he soon became the focal point of the Phoenix Pool. The elder brothers, princesses and younger sisters who came to play all looked at the Decepticons one after another, with dissatisfaction in their eyes and a state of watching a good show. They want to see how the head of the Phoenix Pool can solve the current problems. After all, in the past, when there were problems in the Phoenix Pool, it was the Decepticons who came out alone and soon solved them. He solved the matter in general, which won the favor of these elder brothers, princesses and sisters, and they dared to come here again and again to consume! On the contrary, the business of Phoenix Pool is becoming more and more prosperous because of the disturbance of others! Because the owner of the Phoenix Pool, the Decepticon, is a very fascinating character for them. His style is decisive and vigorous, and it is a matter of minutes to solve the opponent. So this time, is no exception?! The Decepticons became the focus, and Lin Bao, who brought many younger brothers, saw the Decepticons at a glance. In his already fierce eyes, there was a more fierce look. He's coming towards the Decepticons. After walking to the Decepticon's side, I couldn't help smiling coldly and evilly, "I'm here again." Provoke! The Decepticons narrowed their eyes and looked at Lin Bao. No. Two shoulders shrugged, meaning what about you? I'll do the same to you! When Lin Bao saw the more provocative appearance of the Decepticons, the anger in his heart rose. He shouted, "Now that you have come to the Phoenix Pool, you don't have to be polite any more!" "Yes, Brother Leopard!" After the younger brothers answered, they ferociously brandished their machetes and sticks wrapped in newspapers and smashed the Decepticons'younger brothers. And it is to see a person to chop, smash! Lin Bao has made up his mind. He came here today, not only to teach the Decepticons a lesson, but also to let others see the power! Seeing this, the Decepticons could not help frowning. Because he vaguely saw the shadow of the former "third brother". The ordinary guy who brought people here had the shadow of the third brother in his behavior! Brutal, violent! Others killed to the front, Decepticons do not do two endlessly, grabbed a side of a beer bottle to kill less presumptuous here! The Decepticons kill, and the Decepticons' bodyguards follow. Some of them had watermelon knives in their hands, some had machetes in their hands-these weapons they had long had, which were used to deal with people who came to make trouble. And one of the advantages of these weapons is that they are not easy to kill people. Cut people on the line, as long as it can play a deterrent role, much better than killing people! …… Bloody and murderous look swept the whole Phoenix Pool in the deep night. Lin Bao came prepared this time. And he was not like other people who came to make trouble, and none of them was ruthless. He's got twice as many men as the Decepticons. The last time he came to the Phoenix Pool, he came to investigate how many Decepticon goons there were in the Phoenix Pool. Although the last time there was a conflict with the Decepticons, the Decepticons were alert and prepared to take precautions. But the people Lin Bao brought today are all outlaws! When they cut people, they cut them to death! In terms of momentum, we won the Decepticons by one point! Soon, the Decepticons saw that this side could not resist. He began to value Lin Bao, this boy is not an ordinary role. And in his style,MBR reactor, there is a faint shadow of the third brother, is not he and the third brother is the kind of relationship? Lin Bao and the third brother are sworn brothers. Because Lin Bao stayed in Yanjing for a long time and had nothing to do for a long time, he went to the United States to study and play. It was not until recently that he heard the news of his third brother.