Yin and Yang Prodigal Son-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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I'll go back and get another sword." Li Wenqian thought for a moment and said, "If you go back to fetch the sword again, I'm afraid you won't be able to compete today.". Use that sword, my good nephew! However, my good nephew's swordsmanship is goo

Li Wenqian said, "Uncle Yu has been bored these days. He wants to use the Tianchi swordsmanship of our Changbai Sect to compete with my good nephew. I wonder if my good nephew will agree." Mu Ying did not answer immediately. He thought that it was good to compare swords with Uncle Li, which could absorb the advantages of Tianchi swordsmanship and enrich Mujia swordsmanship. After thinking about it, he nodded and replied, "Good.". My nephew also wants to test his swordsmanship with his uncle's superb swordsmanship. It's just that my nephew's martial arts attainments are very shallow. If you can't find anything, please ask your uncle for advice. "You're welcome, my good nephew," said Li Wenqian. Martial arts will be held tomorrow. Today, please prepare the best moves of Mu's swordsmanship. As the saying goes, 'Don't spare the guests in chess, and don't give up the relatives in martial arts.' Tomorrow, we will show our means in the sword competition, just like fighting for supremacy in the battlefield. "Good," said Mu Ying. Tomorrow my nephew will make a fool of himself in front of my uncle. Li Wenqian said, "My good nephew's swordsmanship handed down from his family is very powerful. At that time, don't take care of the old man's thin face and hidden sharp edge." Then walk out. Mu Ying sent it back outside the study. He has a great interest in this sword competition. He thought that before the sword competition, he should carefully study the mystery of Gongsun Yue's female sword and let it exert its power in the sword competition. With his eyes closed, he used his fingers as a sword. After making a gesture of Mu's swordsmanship, he thought hard about the mystery of this swordsmanship. Some tricks, under the hard thinking, have a great understanding. If you encounter such a trick, you should practice it several times. Mu Ying was practicing "sword" in the room. Green Lotus pushed the door and came in. He closed his eyes and gestured with his fingers. He also felt funny and laughed. He heard someone pushing the door, and by intuition, he knew it was Green Lotus. He thought that the lively green lotus must have bent over with laughter when she saw his funny appearance. But to see Green Lotus, there is no smile on her pretty face! I saw her face full of tears, standing in the room, pursing her mouth,rapid sand filters, and her face was full of sorrow. As soon as Mu Ying's heart trembled, she stopped practicing the sword and asked eagerly, "Little sister, who bullied you so sadly?" Green lotus, willow eyebrows, double frown, did not speak. Mu Ying asked again, "Little sister, I must have provoked you,multi disc screw press, but you should say something!" Green Lotus opened her pursed mouth and said, "Brother Ying, don't compete with my father." Mu Ying asked in surprise, "Why, little sister?" "You don't have to ask why," said Green Lotus. "Anyway, it's good to listen to the little girl." Mu Ying apologetically: "But I have promised Uncle Li, how can..." "What's wrong with that?" Said Green Lotus. If you say you're sick, won't you be able to compete? It's dangerous to compete with the sword this time. "We Wulin people," said Mu Ying, "want to live like Li Bai wrote in his own poem, 'Holding the body in the white blade, killing people in the world of mortals.' We live a life of licking blood with the head of a knife. How can we avoid danger?" Green Lotus cried, "Anyway, you don't understand what I said."? I'm just asking you to listen to me. "As the saying goes," said Mu Ying, "a man of little promise is a man of little faith." "Uncle Li is an elder. How can I not be faithful to him?" "Brother Ying," said Green Lotus, "you've been with Green Lotus these days. How has Green Lotus treated you?" "I'm more affectionate than my own sister, lamella tube ,Rotating sludge scraper," said Mu Ying. Mu Ying blurted out without thinking. "It's good that you know Green Lotus," said Green Lotus. Green Lotus has no brothers or sisters. If I treat you as my own brother, I will not harm you. You mustn't compete with the sword this time, little sister, please. Mu Ying saw Green Lotus so pitifully begging him not to compete with the sword, knowing that there must be a reason. Love the feelings of green lotus suddenly long. Holding Green Lotus's little hands, he comforted her and said, "Little sister, I know you won't let me compete with the sword. It must be good for me.". My brother is grateful to you. But tell me what the reason is! Green Lotus hesitated to speak and cried, "You don't need to know the reason, but you must promise me that you won't compete this time.". Little sister, please! Little sister, please! Mu Ying thought, green lotus little sister is open-minded, as if nothing is in mind, why is this sword unusual worry, hard to stop it? She was just afraid that the sword would have no eyes. If she missed, I would hurt Uncle Li or Uncle Li would hurt me. In fact, what is the need to worry about it? I have no intention to hurt Uncle Li, nor can I hurt Uncle Li, and probably Uncle Li doesn't want to hurt me either. "Don't worry, little sister," he said to Green Lotus. "The sword competition is just a comparison. It won't hurt anyone.. Don't stop me. Don't let me lose faith in my elders. After listening to Mu Ying's words, Green Lotus became more and more anxious. I want to say something, but the words are swallowed on my lips. With tears in her eyes, she stood for a long time and said dejectedly, "I know I can't stop you. Go and compare.". However, the younger sister asks you, when the sword, must use my sword! Said the sword to Mu Ying. Mu Ying thanked Green Lotus and could not bear to refuse. She took her sword and said, "Thank you for your concern, little sister!" Wear your sword on yourself. The contest venue was still chosen in that valley. Li Wenqian took Mu Ying there, but there was no audience. Li Wenqian and Mu Ying stood opposite each other on an open field in the valley. Li Wenqian drew his sword and said to Mu Ying, "My good nephew, please show your sword." Mu Ying drew out her sword. Mu Ying's sword is Green Lotus's sword! As soon as the sword was unsheathed, it was brilliant and cold. Li Wenqian was surprised. Looking at Mu Ying's sword carefully, she immediately looked angry and asked in a harsh voice, "Mu Ying, where did you get this sword?" "Little Bilian lent it to me," said Mu Ying. Li Wenqian was furious and scolded bitterly: "Thief girl, it's really not a thing!" But when she began to scold her, she felt she had lost her temper and said to Mu Ying, "This girl, Green Lotus, has been spoiled by your aunt. She is bolder than the sky. How dare she take my sword privately!" This is the first time Mu Ying has seen Uncle Li, a modest gentleman, lose his temper. He thought that this sword must be Li Wenqian's favorite thing, and Green Lotus took his father's things privately. Really mischievous, he said to Li Wenqian, "Since this sword was taken privately by Sister Bilian, my nephew will give it to Uncle Li for collection. I'll go back and get another sword." Li Wenqian thought for a moment and said, "If you go back to fetch the sword again, I'm afraid you won't be able to compete today.". Use that sword, my good nephew! However, my good nephew's swordsmanship is good, and it is better to use the sword as an ordinary sword. Mu Ying thought, "Uncle Li is too cautious." He said to Li Wenqian, "Then my little nephew will take advantage. Let's stop here. My little nephew will never dare to break my uncle's sword." "Thank you for taking care of me,Belt Filter Press, my good nephew," said Li Wenqian. Mu Ying said, "How dare my little nephew take the lead in the contest with my uncle? It's my uncle who takes the lead." 。 khnwatertreatment.com