My husband is an evil man.

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Su Qinshun frowned and his tone was not very good. Yes Su Ruan lowered his eyebrows and glanced at Su Hu

"Second Sister, Doctor Zhu is here." Pingmei stretched out her hand to lift the beaded curtain and brought the hurried Doctor Zhu into the inner room. Doctor Zhu? Su Ruan put on his clothes and walked out from behind the painted screen. "Why did you come to me?" "Two girls." Doctor Zhu was carrying a medicine chest on his back, and his face was covered with hot sweat. "Just now, Lord Xing came to ask for marriage for the Regent." "Ask for marriage?" Hearing Doctor Zhu's words, Su Ruan stared round with a pair of eyes, and with a tight handkerchief in his hand, he clenched a few folds. Did you really come? "He sent the Geng Tie and showed the master the list of betrothal gifts. The master was so angry that he smashed the tea case." Doctor Zhu looked anxiously at Su Ruan in front of him. He shook his head gently and said, "And Lord Qin, he said that the Regent came to marry the two girls in order to win over Su Fu." Su Ruan didn't know whether it was for Su Fu or for her that Lu Chaozong asked for marriage. She only knew that Su Qinshun must be very angry now. She couldn't just bump into him like this. Who is Lord Qin? Sitting on the embroidered pier with her skirt, Su Ruan asked Pingmei to pour a bowl of tea for Dr. Zhu. Pingmei stepped forward, carefully took the medicine box from Dr. Zhu's hand and put it aside, and poured him a bowl of tea. The little man listened to the big master asking him about the Ministry of Rites. He should be a member of the Ministry of Rites. Doctor Zhu respectfully took the teacup from Pingmei's hand and thanked her. Then he continued, "He looks like a young petty official. He said he came to propose marriage." "To propose marriage?"? Mention whose kiss? Su Ruan was interested in moving forward. It's three girls. Doctor Zhu ran all the way, thirsty, and finished the tea in a moment. Two girls, I know that you are always kind-hearted. Although the master doesn't value you and scolds you a lot, he doesn't have a shortage of food and drink. As he spoke, Doctor Zhu put down the teacup in his hand. "According to the little man, this is the big master's bias. He has always been prejudiced against the Regent. He thinks that the Regent is a treacherous thief and a traitor who brings disaster to the court. So when he heard that he came to ask for marriage,rotary vacuum disc filters, he said some bad words in a rage." "I know." Su Ruan has long known Su Qinshun's temperament. Father is upright, but also pedantic, as long as he thinks it is right, ten cows can not pull back. Taking a sip of the teacup in front of him, Su Ruan lowered his eyebrows and eyes in a delicate posture. Seeing Su Ruan like this, Doctor Zhu sighed a long sigh and said no more. There was a moment's silence in the inner room. "Just now," said Doctor Zhu,fine bubble diffuser, "Mrs. Hou of the Zheng family of the Marquis of the State of Wu also came to look for the eldest master. She said she wanted to retire. The eldest master answered and said he would go to ask the emperor tomorrow." "In that case, doesn't Lord Qin just happen to be able to marry him?" Su Ruan's face lightly shows a sarcastic smile, for this has not met the impression of Lord Qin is very bad. Su Huizhen's reputation is rotten like this, this Qin adults can rush forward, really do not know whether the brain is missing a string, or rush to climb Su Qinshun's flattery. "I'm afraid the master has already called the three girls to go, so the two girls will go later, and it's not too late to wait for the master to calm down." "Good." Nodding to Doctor Zhu, Su Ruan said with a smile, "Please come here specially." "No, no, no. The two girls should be careful, and the little man will go first." Doctor Zhu picked up the medicine chest on his back and hurried out of the main room. Su Ruan sat on the embroidered pier and ate another bowl of tea. Then he got up slowly and said, "Pingmei, filter nozzle ,lamella clarifer, take an umbrella. Let's go to the flower hall." "Second Sister, the master is in the front hall, not in the flower hall." Pingmei took out the oil-paper umbrella from the round-cornered cabinet and said with a strange look, "Why are you going to the flower hall?" "That Su Huizhen is afraid to be scolded by his father, I first hide in the flower hall to see the excitement again." After that, Su Ruan reached out his hand and touched the broken hair on his cheek, and his fingertips inadvertently stroked the jade rabbit eardrop on his ear. At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, there are tall trees in the west wind, fireflies and lazy cicadas, and soft willows. Su Ruan, holding an oil-paper umbrella, went out of Qian Lan yuan and took a carriage to the flower hall. The flower hall and the front hall are only separated by a wall, Su Ruan sits in the flower hall, looking out through the green gauze cabinet in front of him, only to see Su Huizhen kneeling in front of Su Qinshun with a pale face, a pitiful mess. "My son, I have always pitied you for having no father, and I have answered your every request, but you have done such a thing." As the saying goes, don't wash your dirty linen in public. Su Qinshun opened the Qin Ke pot and was sitting in the front hall to teach Su Huizhen a lesson. "Eldest brother, she's just obsessed for a while. You brought her up single-handedly. Don't you know her nature?" Li Shushen knelt aside, and the embroidered handkerchief in his hand was wet with tears. I was so angry because I knew her nature. Su Qinshun fiercely patted the tea case, apparently angry, "I asked myself to be strict with you since childhood, but you actually raised this kind of temperament, stole the second sister's sandalwood pendant, not to mention, but also died." For Su Qinshun, the reputation of Su Fu is the most important thing. Su Fu has a good reputation from generation to generation. Such a good reputation cannot be destroyed in his hands. Otherwise, he can only die to apologize to his ancestors in heaven. Eldest brother, she was just confused for a moment, and she has sincerely repented. Li Shushen wept and said, "I almost twisted my hair a few days ago. I went with the monk who supervised the temple." "It's all right to go, chant sutras and eat fast, and seek some well-being for the Su family." Although is such speech, but Su Qinshun looks at in front of Su Huizhen that pale complexion, under the anger still has Xu heartache. After all, she was a niece who had watched her grow up, and Su Qinshun was naturally reluctant to let people go to accompany the ancient Buddha. Su Ruan put down the teacup in his hand, fiddled with his fingertips, and then curled out from behind the flower hall. Father "Here you are." Looking up at Su Ruan, Su Qinshun frowned and his tone was not very good. Yes Su Ruan lowered his eyebrows and glanced at Su Huizhen and Li Shushen kneeling on the ground. She stole your sandalwood pendant. She knows it's wrong, but it's up to you to decide what to do with it. Su Qinshun's concept of right and wrong is very straight,Lamella Plate Settler, as long as he knows that you are wrong, he will not shield, which is why Su Huizhen can repeatedly succeed in framing Su Ruan.