Green Plum Wearing Jackie Chan's Ao Tian--Jiang Yue Nian Nian

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Green Plum Wearing Jackie Chan's Ao Tian--Jiang Yue Nian NianGreen Plum Wearing Jackie Chan's Ao Tian--Jiang Yue Nian Nian

"This is just a trial version," Yunpo said earnestly. "If you think something is wrong, I can adjust it." In the face of his sincere attitude, Chu Nongying, who had always been arrogant, had a trace of conscience and muttered: "I feel like I'm the first party to make demands.." [Isn't it? Would you like me to help you recall the request of the non-points at that time? Several big companies have struggled for years, and you force a seven-year-old child to do it? The Smurf said coldly that he felt that the core of the world was so good that he really wanted to satisfy her outrageous needs. Chu Nongying has never used a mobile phone in the shape of an apple. She has seen a mobile phone shell in the shape of an apple at most, but now the communicator in her hand is a real three-dimensional apple, and she doesn't even know where the screen is. Seeing that she was at a loss, Yunpo went up to guide her and said, "You touch the leaves." Under his explanation, Chu Nongying successfully opened the apple and saw the electronic touch screen inside. She was surprised and said, "It's really presentable." "However, the touch screen of the trial version is not sensitive enough, and I haven't found a more suitable material, so it still has a small number of buttons as a supplement.." "No, no, no, it's fine now, it's totally beyond my imagination!" Chu Nongying did not lie, she had gone to the store before to see the world of communicators in the book, that thing is similar to a watch, only has the function of answering calls and messages, and civilian communicators can not send pictures to each other. She felt that the function was too lacking and the price was too expensive, so she did not buy it. Aotian Apple is different from the civil communicator,Theobromine Powder, which perfectly integrates communication, photography, music, games, radio, television and other functions, and is a touch screen operation, basically the prototype of the mobile phone. The only fly in the ointment is that it can't be used to surf the Internet, only to receive radio and television signals. Because it is not a regular communicator, the number of people who can be contacted is limited. At present, it can only be used for you to contact me. I only made two. Cloud broke helplessly explained that after his actual research, he found many troubles and could not interconnect the small apple with the civil communicator for the time being. Chu Nongying listened to understand that the small apple can only communicate with the small apple, can not communicate with the civilian communicator, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Glucono Delta Lactone, it seems that some technical problems have not been overcome. "Hey, that's enough," she said easily. "I don't have to contact anyone else." Chu Nongying is now busy with martial arts training, usually occasionally go to the library with Yunpo, she does not know any relatives and friends, really do not need too much social communication. "What does your apple look like?" Asked Chu Nongying curiously. Yun Po took out his iPhone from his bag. The two looked exactly the same, but his was a red apple and Chu Nongying's was a green apple. Chu Nongying: "Why is my apple not ripe?" "Don't you like green?" Chu Nongying touched his chin and commented: "In fact, what you do is a little worse than the genuine Apple mobile phone.." Yun Po showed his modest eyes for advice: "?" Chu Nongying: "You have to take a bite on the apple to inject the soul!" Cloud break: "??" Yunpo frowned slightly and said hesitantly, "If you can bite.." Then I really have no reason to stop it. The Smurf twisted painfully at the beginning, and it could not bear to see the core of the world being fooled by the nonsense contrarian Party A. Chu Nongying received the small apple communicator and went home happily with Yunpo for dinner. On the other side of the city, the loser was being reprimanded. Li Ziwen stood in the hall with a pale face and bowed his head in shame. Li Zihao looked at his father's eyes carefully, not knowing how to ease the atmosphere. Ziwen, you really let us down, if you lose to Han Yu is excusable, but you can't even rush in the first three? While playing with the walnuts in his hands, Li Fu said lightly, "Your uncle is so angry that you let him lose face today!" Dissatisfied, Li Zihao couldn't help retorting, "Dad, this is just a promotion match. My brother didn't let my uncle lose face.." When Li Zihao thought of his second uncle slapping his brother in public, he was so angry that he defended his brother against injustice. When Li Ziwen heard this, he quickly stopped him in a low voice: "That's enough, Zihao!" Father Li looked at Li Zihao's naive and arrogant face. His face was slightly heavy and his tone was dignified. "Is it just a promotion match?" He asked. "Yes, my brother will have another chance next year." Li Zihao hurriedly said, "it's just a matter of a year." "Kneel down." "The other side is just a fluke." As Li Zihao was speaking, he heard his father's brief command and did not react immediately. Instead, he looked back blankly, "Alas?" "I told you to kneel." Li Fu's eyes rolled with deep and serene tide, and his tone of command was full of paternalistic authority. Li Zihao only felt a pain in his left knee and could not control his balance in an instant. He knelt straight on the hard floor with a thump that made his knees tingle! From the marble floor came the sound of a stone bouncing down. Li Ziwen turned his head and saw the walnut rolling down in the corner. This was the weapon that Li's father had just knocked down Li Zihao. Dad, Zihao is still not sensible. Li Ziwen saw that the situation was not good and quickly interceded for his brother. He often reminded the outspoken Li Zihao at ordinary times, but he did not expect that the other party would provoke his father this time and definitely make a big mistake. Is he still not sensible? How long will it take him to understand? Father Li was furious and said, "Others can rush into the top three of the youth group in a few months, or even beat you in one fell swoop, but what about him?"? What has he learned, besides riding your coattails in the outdoor section? Li Zihao was stabbed in the wound. He lowered his head in humiliation, clenched his teeth tightly, and his eyes glistened with tears. In fact, he knew early that he was not as good as Chu Nongying, and even when he watched her first game, he understood, but he could not untie himself like Han Yu, and could only hide his jealous anger in his heart. Li Zihao used to be able to hypnotize herself. No matter how powerful she was,Sex Enhancement Powder, she was not as good as her elder brother. Now she can even defeat Li Ziwen and instantly push down her psychological defense line. Li Zihao's heart is full of fear and confusion, if even her brother is not as good as her, what should she do.