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Shen HuangShen HuangShen HuangShen Huang

Then the next moment, in the sky, a crack opened again. A strange image of the sword, suddenly fell from the cracks. As soon as the shadow of the sword flashed, it went directly to the cold water. So fast that all the people on the top of Julong Mountain could not have any reaction, they cut off the bodies of Han Nishui and Li yuandan with one sword! Then the shadow of the sword, dripping again, was inserted in front of Zong Shou, and the cold awn shone. The voice of the dragon's shadow resounded again. According to your Patriarch, it's just that since these two people have offended my disciples, they can't go back in the flesh again! And those things, if you can't get them out. Don't blame me for falling out with the Dragon Shadow! Again heavy hum: "Tell you again!"! This boy is now the only disciple of my Dragon Shadow. If anyone dares to touch him again, my dragon shadow will surely destroy him! Even if you are unadorned, it is useless to invite Jiezun again! The eyelids of the unadorned real person jumped, but eventually they were relieved. Bend over and salute again, with a calm expression. Chapter 380 Linghua Chalcedony. "I finally know now.". Why did the thunder boy become a brother with you? As he spoke, Su Chen stood with positive and negative hands, looking down the hill. Most of the people gathered here at this moment have dispersed. Even a few sects in charge of the people, also left almost, only the wolf recommendation. Zong Shou aside, is secretly wry smile. Although they were brothers, they did not say a few words between them. On the contrary, he was taken care of by thunder several times. At the moment is also slightly curious,S Adenosyl Methionine, that thunder moves the present situation. I don't know how my brother is now? Have you ever returned to Miss Zhenru? Have you ever heard of Miss Zhenru? Hey, that guy is probably fighting with that Lingjian Ruotao now. Su Chen Heiran smiled and seemed to be dancing: "He left Haofannian, and finally broke through the heart barrier.". It is said that not long ago, more breakthrough Wu Zun, this can have a good show to see one. Then he said with a smile, "When we talk about Lingjian Ruotao, we have to mention the three best swords in the generation after Yunjie.". These three men are all the most outstanding swordsmen in thousands of years. But in my opinion, your Highness is qualified to keep pace with them. Yunjie Sanjue Sword should be changed into Yunjie Wujue Sword. Sure enough, when Lingchao flourished,Quillaja Saponin, it was also the time when talented people came forth in large numbers. For thousands of years, there may not be one genius like you, but now there are five at a time. "Brother Su has been overpraised. How can Zong Shou do anything? I dare not give him such a name!" Zong Shou shook his head in awe. Then he said curiously, "In Brother Su's eyes, there is another candidate for the sword, but the new disciple of your Sword Sect?" "Exactly!"! Well, I don't think you can know this person. I have seen him, even if there is no combination of spiritual and martial arts, this is also a top figure. Although I can't be like you, I can be a Kendo psychic, but I have mastered the meaning of the sword early. And in my opinion, this man's foundation is even better than yours! Just this person, seems to be too one. Frowning, Su Chen sighed, as if not to talk more. Eyes turned not far away, a young man standing quietly, D BHB Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, chuckled: "This young man, named Gong Yue?"? He was born to be a man with a sword. Although he didn't know his talent, this bone aptitude was very good. Do you really want him to worship in Wujue Villa? Zong Shou also took one look, but said helplessly, "This man is a friend of my old friend, but I intend to help him.". It's a pity that I can't be distracted by everything. This sentence is said to be old-fashioned, and even more boastful. It did not match his childish face. Several people nearby laughed out loud when they heard the words. Su Chen is also a joy, but some understanding. Knowing that the young man next to him is purely about kendo, in fact, few people in the whole cloud world can match him. In the cloud world, if someone can get his'training ', he must be lucky. It also affects the rise and fall of a large city with hundreds of millions of people and 12 provinces. If you really want to get busy, you really have to deal with a lot of things every day. After pondering for a moment, Su Chen nodded and said, "I'll do it, but I don't have to go to Wujue Villa. That boy is extremely unreliable.". If Your Highness the Demon King likes it, how about letting him worship under my Hanshan Gate? Zong Shou was pleased and bowed slightly, which was regarded as thanks. Although Hanshan is not as good as Wujue, it is also the eighth holy place, and Wujue Villa is one of the pillars of the Sword Sect. That Gong Yue is also surprised inexplicably, toward Zong Shou Su Chen two people, thanks a gift. The latter smiled and said goodbye directly. Before he left, he suddenly looked calm again and said, "Today's matter is over.". But I watch my brother. It's better to be careful. Forgive me for paying money, like I wait for such a big faction, those dirty means in the dark, I Su Chen is really seen a lot. That Ling Yunzong, is bound to refuse to be so good to give up after speaking, just a sword gas, directly rolled up Gong Yue, to the north step empty and go. Zong Shou raised his eyebrows and fell into meditation. This sentence, today is not just a person, said so to him. Moments later, this thought was interrupted by Jin Buhui: "Why don't you let Gong Yue worship me, Emperor Haoxuanzong?"? Although Hanshan Zong is good, I, Haoxuanzong, ask myself to be better than them. Gong Yue, not only me, but also Elder Martial Brother Shen, was quite optimistic when he saw her. In the door to mix an ordinary year, and in your favor, probably can become the heir! In the tone, there is a sense of dissatisfaction. Zong Shou came to his senses, but he took a strange look at his new friend and said, "You, Hao Xuanzong, are really good. It's a pity that the family style is too good.". Are you going to see Gong Yue kill his sister and brother in the future? Gold does not repent immediately'ah! ', and immediately suddenly understand. Think of the scene of sister and brother against each other at that time, if Gong Yue can't have the idea of destroying relatives for the sake of righteousness, the sword can't be cut out. Most of the martial arts that require noble righteousness in Zongmen will not achieve much. The people of the Sword Sect are dedicated to seeking the sword. Although they are also one of the sources of the right path in the cloud world, they are not too strict with the disciples in the school. Unfortunately,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Gong Yue's case is a waste of money. Inverted flying is this person's aptitude, which is really strong, but a link with Zongshou.