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Infinite Samsara Horror Full txt DownloadInfinite Samsara Horror Full txt Download

Meng Xiang breathed a long sigh of relief, but suddenly felt a little strange, why killed Dracula, reincarnation still stay in this world? "When.." When. . "The clock strikes zero hour." Ow.. " Van Helsing let out a wolf roar, opened his eyebrows and bulging eyes, stared at the crowd, and made a "ho-ho" sound. Van Helsing has finally lost his humanity. The task of the Lord God is to protect Van Helsing. Is this protection not just the meaning of living? Van Helsing approached Carl and Anna step by step, as if he knew that Meng Xiang and other reincarnations were not ordinary people, he dared not attack them, but targeted Carl and Anna, two ordinary human beings. Anna, inject the antidote. Cal cried as he took out the silver stake from his backpack. By this time Ding Jie has exhausted the small universe, Meng Xiang and Zhang Jin are too far away from them, they just want to rush over, Van Helsing has thrown on Anna. Carl raised the silver stake to the back of Van Helsing. Van Helsing grabbed Carl's right hand with one hand, turned the wolf's head, and looked down. A syringe full of werewolf antidote had been inserted into his lower abdomen, and Anna's body had been crushed by him. The plot is almost identical to that of the film, and finally Anna still dies at the hands of Van Helsing. To protect Van Helsing, not to keep him alive, but to protect him from the curse of the werewolf. This is really dangerous to the extreme, if not for Anna and Carl to get the antidote,L Methylfolate Factory, I am afraid the reincarnation can only helplessly accept the fate of being obliterated. The task of the main God, often hidden murder, even thought that the main God has changed the plot, but the final outcome is still the same. Van Helsing's werewolf took off and gradually changed into a human body. He looked at Anna's body, put his hands on his head and cried to the sky. This was the last time Meng Xiang saw Van Helsing. His consciousness gradually blurred as Van Helsing turned into a human form. The latest and fastest chapter, please log in [], reading is a kind of enjoyment, I suggest you collect. Chapter 119 goal-dual constitution. [] Updated: 201192415:24:47 Words in this Chapter: 4,Thyroid Powder Factory,157 When Meng Xiang regained consciousness, he was already in the space of the main God, and his whole body was covered by the light column emitted by the main God. His original huge wolf body has now returned to human form, and the wounds on his body are gradually healing. Not only that, but he felt that the beam of light even penetrated into his head, stimulating his soul and driving some impurities out of his body bit by bit. Meng Xiang looked up and saw that in addition to him, there were five pillars of light in the space of the main God. In addition to Ding Jie, Zhang Jin and Jie Juan, the people in the other two pillars of light were beyond his expectation. Originally, these two people were Han Fan and Zhou Lina, who had become werewolves. At that time, Meng Xiang only cut off the four limbs of Han Fan and Zhou Lina in order to avoid the deduction of the main God. Unexpectedly, they could survive to the end and return to the space of the main God safely, which was a miracle. Because Ding Jie has the holy clothes to protect himself, the light pillar stays on his body for a moment and then passes away, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, followed by Zhang Jin and Jie Juan. Han Fan and Zhou Lina's four limbs are reborn at a speed visible to the naked eye. Poor Zhou Lina, because of the relationship between becoming a werewolf, her clothes are bursting. Now she is standing naked in front of everyone. However, her body development is still slow, just like an undeveloped little girl. Even Zhang Jin is not interested in her. The pillar of light disappeared on their bodies, but Han Fan turned around with a red face and covered the vital parts, but Zhou Lina screamed, closed her eyes and crouched down, with the potential to hide her ears and steal the bell. Jie Juan a faint smile, hands have more than two coats, respectively handed to Han Fan and Zhou Lina, two people put on the coat, began to look at the main God space. The pillar of light that enveloped Meng Xiang finally disappeared, and the T-virus and the werewolf curse were all cleared by the main God. Meng Xiang is very unwilling, after the change of the werewolf, not only the body pull the wind, but also the strength, physical inflation, can withstand 60% of the effectiveness of the world king boxing, energy in the body of the feeling he still has not forgotten. That kind of strength can even compete with Zhang Jin's bones and muscles. Zhang Jin said to Ding Jie with a smiling face: "Captain, I have been with you for the longest time, but I am quite unhappy.". Your disgusting way of doing things really makes me want to vomit. The difficulty of Van Helsing has increased so much, thanks to your sacred clothes, don't you know that the difficulty of horror movies is proportional to the offensive or defensive skills, weapons and equipment exchanged by reincarnation? Ding Jie snorted haughtily and turned a blind eye to Zhang Jin's words. To say the least, even if you exchange, if used early, we will not be so passive in the face of vampire children, this time we can come back alive, really want to thank Meng Xiang. Zhang Jin cast an admiring look at Meng Xiang. His eyes were very serious and different from what he had just said. Knowing that Zhang Jin finally recognized his strength, Meng Xiang could not help feeling a little proud. He pretended to be modest and said, "It's all luck. I didn't expect that I could use the Werewolf Curse to improve my strength.". But if it wasn't for the captain's last move, the mighty Lushan Shenglong Tyrant, maybe I wouldn't have found a chance to attack Dracula with Van Helsing. Zhang Jin nodded, walked up to Meng Xiang and patted him on the shoulder. He said in a gentle and friendly tone, "I had a good time with you, but next time I meet you, I will not show mercy.". Again, you have an obligation to raise your strength to the level of parity with me, and then confront me fairly. I'm leaving the unknowns. Enjoy the rest of your days. After that, Zhang Jin's body gradually blurred in front of everyone until it disappeared without a trace. Han Fan and Zhou Lina were so surprised that they opened their mouths and could not speak, but Meng Xiang knew that Zhang Jin had joined other reincarnation teams, which team was it? He did not know that Zhang Jin had exchanged Meng Po Tang, and there was no way to find out where Zhang Jin was going. Next time we meet, I'm afraid Zhang Jin has changed his name. An even match? No, I want to improve my strength to surpass you, and next time I will beat you on the ground to find your teeth. Meng Xiang said confidently that in the last horror film, he found an opportunity to change. Hum, don't be arrogant. A close match with him? That depends on whether you can stay alive until then. The next horror movie,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, "Inception." Let's enjoy it. After that, Ding Jie turned into a white light and disappeared in front of everyone. "Well, let's see who gets the last laugh." Meng Xiang clenched his fist and said confidently.