Become the top pet of the blackened male master

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Become the top pet of the blackened male masterBecome the top pet of the blackened male master

It's just that she wouldn't have promised him herself at that time, but she just wanted to fool around. But I didn't expect him to remember today. Rong Huai's side face was handsome and elegant, but he was silent for a long time, unable to distinguish the specific emotions. "If you say you haven't been back to the mansion for a long time," he said suddenly, "this time you can live in the mansion for a long time. How about that?" When you are willing to return to the palace, I will naturally wait for you in the palace. This letter of engagement, I will also stay in Hou Fu. The radian of Rong Huai's lips has not diminished at all. Like a basin of cold water poured down, Gu Lanruo stood in place, did not come to his senses for a moment, the man would allow her to live in Zhongping Hou Fu? But there doesn't seem to be such a plot in the original. Instinctively, she thought of a plot. Since Your Majesty's letter of engagement is in Hou Fu, how does the outside world look at her, naturally it will still be marked as "Your Majesty's woman". In addition, Zhongping Hou Fu was stared at by so many people, if she had anything to ask for your majesty, she could only go back to the palace in person. Now not only Zhongping Hou Fu has no power, Hou Fu has offended so many courtiers here. Eyes on the tiger. Is this the effect that Your Majesty wants? According to Gu Lanruo's understanding of the man, he will. She had tried to escape several times before, and the man would naturally come up with another way. "Is your Majesty telling the truth?" Gu Lanruo couldn't help but ask, "Can I not go back to the palace now, but only live in the Hou Mansion, accompanied by my mother and elder brother?" "Not bad." Rong Huai lifted his chin, his face was cold, and he said, "Ruo Ruo, you are the person I have given the letter of engagement, even if I am not around you, no one dares to bully you." He motioned to Fu Qing to put down the letter of engagement. He raised his eyebrows slightly and added, "But are you sure you won't come back to me again?" Even if he does not ask Gu Fu,Oil Dropper Bottle, but because sent back Gu Lanruo, it will make people think that there is no relationship between him and the Gu family. According to the posture of taking care of the family to offend people, Zhongping Hou Fu is also in danger. At that time, she had no reason to refuse a person who helped her. Chapter 27 Gu Lanruo's heart suddenly sank lightly, and there was a feeling that his breath was held. She naturally knew in her heart that the man would promise her to stay in Zhongping Hou Fu naturally had his plan, perhaps just this period of time did not want to see her again, but he could not so easily let go of the daughter of Zhongping Hou Fu. However Now that the man had spoken first, she was reluctant to give up this hope. For her, it was like a clear spring in the dry desert. Gu Lanruo said softly, "If Your Majesty has already thought about it, take the letter of engagement away.". I will only stay in the house with my parents, and I will not go anywhere. But Rong Huai interrupted her lightly: "I won't take it back." Gu Lanruo pursed his lips, and his heart seemed to be touched by something. She felt that this was not a big problem, so she quietly lowered her eyelashes. Although he was still silent, the eagerness on his face was already on display, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,glass cream jars, and there was not even the slightest concealment. Just waiting for him to leave? Rong Huai's lips were gently raised, and if there was no one, there was an unknown line of sight. "Mammy Xu," he said slowly, "you stay in the mansion of the Marquis of Zhongping and remember to take good care of her for me." Mammy Xu answered, "Yes.". Clearly on the surface, it was your majesty who released Gu Lanruo to return to his mother's home, but at the moment, he arranged for a servant woman in the harem to serve him. If this matter spreads out, how do people outside look at Gu Lanruo's identity? Is it difficult to just change a place as your majesty's woman? Gu Jingqing's complexion was not good, but he didn't show it very much. "Your Majesty," he said, "there are many good old nuns in the Hou Mansion. "Mammy Hsu is already an old woman in the palace. She has served several empresses, but the Hou Mansion still dares not work." But Rong Huai just said, "I just want her to have someone who does things carefully.". Ruo Ruo, what do you think? He looked at Gu Lanruo again, the line of sight meaning is not clear. Gu Lanruo felt a faint look over his body, not mixed with a little emotion. She said neither good nor bad. Not to mention that Mammy Xu was really loyal to her, moreover, because of this little thing, it was not necessary to make the man uncomfortable. After all If he changed his mind now, she would be really disappointed. So Gu Lanruo lowered her eyes and said, "It's nothing for Mammy Xu to stay. Thank you for taking care of her when she was in the palace.". Both sides are in Hou Fu, brother, you don't have to say anything. Gu Jingqing then closed his mouth, pursed his lips tightly, and looked deeply at His Majesty. Although he is the son of heaven, but in the case of no status, so Gu Lanruo for private, it is somewhat uncomfortable. Only It is because he is now the son of heaven, but he can not say anything, can not do anything, can only watch helplessly. Rong Huai looked away, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. With a low sniff, he said slowly, "Ruo Ruo, now I have satisfied your wish.". You should also keep my mind in your heart. "If you ever want to see me, no one will stop you." Listening to such words, Gu Lanruo felt like. The prey in the hunter's hands is like how long he gave her freedom and time limit, which also represents his patience with her. At the thought of this, the girl's heart suddenly came up with a sense of subtlety. But she did not like this feeling, Gu Lanruo pursed his lips, just said: "Your Majesty worry too much." I can't forget what you said today without going back to the palace. Rong Huai's Adam's apple moved slightly up and down, noncommittal, eyes slightly cold, see the girl's scalp some tingling. She did not forget: "As long as you keep your promise..." There will be no forcible plunder in the future. "I can promise Your Majesty the rest of the conditions." Rong Huai narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "Don't you go back on your word?" Gu Lanruo nodded gently. Rong Huai also no longer said anything, lips also lightly pursed, pale fundus like a layer of cold fog,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, people can not fathom. Seeing the morning light outside gradually clear, Fu Qingcai could not help but remind: "Your Majesty, you see you are.." 。