Quickly wear the life of a big belly

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Quickly wear the life of a big bellyQuickly wear the life of a big belly

Since he wants to leave the palace, Gu Ziang of course will not let him go alone, and Gu Ziang insisted on going with him, Xuanyuan Che of course will not leave the two little guys, finally, all together, decided to temporarily close the palace, the family together with the guard guards, etc., will set out to the front, with the good sons of Dayin Lang with the wind and rain. Chapter 52 Yin Ruthless. "Cough, cough, cough." A carriage pulled by eight horses was driving on the official road. There was an intermittent cough in the carriage. From the sound, it was a tender child's voice. The carriage was luxurious from the outside to the inside. It was the carriage that came out of the Linzhou Palace. Inside was Xuanyuan Che Gu Ziang and his party. Gu Ziang opened the water bag and handed it to the mouth of Ning Xiaoxi, who was coughing with a red face, and let him drink water. On the third day after leaving Linzhou, Ning Xiaoxi fell ill. First, he had a runny nose,oil dropper bottle, and then he began to cough. Gu Ziang diagnosed him and confirmed that he had caught a cold. Now is the season, from a place that has been used to living for a long time, people's immunity is the lowest, coupled with Ning Xiaoxi's poor foundation, this time one did not take good care of, he fell ill. On the contrary, Xuanyuan Kang was full of vigor and vitality and had nothing to do. He also peeled loquats for Ning Xiaoxi to eat. The loquat was bought at a high price when passing through the last town. Gu Ziang intended to buy it for his two sons. One was to prevent being infected with cough,cosmetic packaging wholesale, and the other was to eat more to relieve cough. But Xuanyuan Kang himself ate one, and the rest were eaten by Ning Xiaoxi. Xuanyuan Kang has been wandering around with Xuanyuan Che since he was born. Basically, he lives in a place for two or three months at most, so he has nothing to do with leaving Linzhou, even if he has lived in Linzhou for so long. Seeing that Ning Xiaoxi was ill, he was very worried and asked for warmth beside him. He was very conscientious when he was a big brother. Ning Xiaoxi drank the water that Gu Ziang handed him, and was accidentally poured a few more mouthfuls by Gu Ziang. The water was not pure water-it was mixed with the medicinal juice that Gu Ziang had boiled when he settled down in the inn. It was a little bitter. Ning Xiaoxi frowned and turned to bite the loquat pulp that his brother had peeled for him. Loquat is still delicious. Ning Xiaoxi moved to Xuanyuan Kang's side, away from his father's claws, muttering. Do you know how to dress well next time? Don't take off your clothes. Gu Zi'ang pinched his little face and asked. This time the little fellow was infected with the cold because he took off his cloak when he was playing with the heat. I know! Ning Xiaoxi continued to shrink behind Xuanyuan Kang. Xuanyuan Kang smiled and said good words to Ning Xiaoxi: "Don't worry, Dad. I will take good care of him in the future and don't let him take off his clothes." "Be good." Gu Zi'ang rubbed his little head and smiled with relief. "It's still Kang'er who makes people worry." Ning Xiaoxi made a face at him and went to play with Xuanyuan Kang in the corner: "Brother, I still want to eat." "All right, I'll peel it for you." Xuanyuan Kang reached out and took another loquat in a good temper. Stay away from your brother and don't infect him with the disease. Gu Ziang asked. Ning Xiaoxi put on Gu Ziang's special'mask 'and then smiled at Gu Ziang to show that he understood. But soon he turned his head and coughed a few times. Xuanyuan Kang patted him on the back, and at the same time did not forget to explain to Gu Ziang: "It's all right, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, he's paying attention!"! It won't infect me. Xuanyuan Che looked at the battle report from Chaozhou and turned his mind to his lover and child. Hearing this, he couldn't help laughing: "Xiaoxi, let your father see if you still burn." "Don't burn it." Ning Xiaoxi touched his forehead with his little hand and answered. But he still knelt on the blanket and rubbed over, lying on Xuanyuan Che's knee, looking up at his little face to let him probe his body temperature. Xuanyuan Che tried and nodded: "Well, really do not burn, go to play." Ning Xiaoxi acted like a spoiled child on his leg for a while, then knelt back to Xuanyuan Kang, played with him, ate loquat fruit, and looked out of the window. How's it going? Is General Yang all right? Gu Zi'ang sat back beside Xuanyuan Che and asked. Well, he hurt his calf, which is all right now, but riding will be affected, so he stays behind the scenes temporarily and can't go to the battlefield to command. This is also my order. "Xuanyuan Che way," we this war with Ningguo, the time will certainly be very long. War is no better than anything else. It can't be accomplished overnight. At the beginning, it's fine. At the back, the battle line is stretched. Whether it's troops, financial resources or provisions, it consumes a lot. Zhiyi is a good helper. We can't ask him to take risks. "Well, you're right. We'll do it slowly. There's no hurry." Gu Ziang took the memorial next to him and browsed it at random, nodding approvingly. He suddenly opened his mouth and asked, "Is it really possible to leave Luo Yu and Mo Hanyun in Linzhou?" Before they left Linzhou, they discussed how to place Luo Yu and Mo Hanyun, but after discussion, they still felt that it was the best choice to leave people in Linzhou. They will not stay in Linzhou, just do not know how to place Mo Hanyun, first let him in Linzhou, after he can not resist leaving, we also have reason to give up the cooperation with the Moshan people. Xuanyuan Che had never thought of cooperating with the Moshan people from the beginning to the end, and it was just an expedient measure before. Come to think of it, the Moshan people actually think so, right? From Mo Hanyun there is also some harvest-about Ning Lie's trend plan, Xuanyuan Che here has a general prediction. Ning Lie did not know that his battle plan had been sold to Xuanyuan Che. He only knew that the'son 'he had raised as a chess piece was still alive and well, and had returned to Xuanyuan Che. After the failure of killing Xuanyuan Che, Ning Lie sent people to kill them for a long time, but still ended in failure. Xuanyuan Che was surrounded by a master, and all the people he sent out were killed. 'Ning'an 'Has been no news, can not be found anywhere. Ning Lie also knew that Xuanyuan Che had issued a list of famous doctors, he vaguely guessed that this was hanging Ning An on the hook,30ml dropper bottle, so he guessed that Ning An still left Xuanyuan Che after being rescued, this guess was not confirmed until more than two years ago. That year failed to kill Xuanyuan Che is a long thorn in the heart of Ning lie, do not pull out. penghuangbottle.com