Luzhou Yuefanwai

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Luzhou YuefanwaiLuzhou YuefanwaiLuzhou Yuefanwai

When drinking water, he buried his face in the deepest part of the stream until his breathing was about to stop, and then struggled to look up and let the stream flow down his face and wet his clothes. At night, he walked alone on the dark mountain road. There was no moonlight or wind. Only his footsteps echoed in the valley. In the early morning of the third day, he finally returned to the small courtyard in the mountains where he had been away for many days. When I left, the bluegrass planted had withered, and the petals fell all over the ground. Because of the rain, the petals were covered with mud, and they were no longer as pure and beautiful as before. He staggered into the yard, pushed the door open with his shoulder, and stood in the empty room. On the table, there are clothes that Yue Ruzheng forgot to put away. He went into her room, and on the cabinet in front of the bed, there was a peach comb used by Yue Ruzheng, with her long hair on it. He went back to his room, and on the bed was his light gray jacket, with a needle and thread sewn by Yue Ruzheng. He turned back and went out again. In the kitchen, there were bowls and chopsticks she had used and firewood she had cut. He went out and stood in the yard, where there were stools she had sat on, flowers she had planted, her laughter, her tears. Every place, every corner, has her breath,coltan ore processing, her traces. No place to hide, no place to hide. Tang Yanchu stood in a daze, the sun gradually rising, so bright that he could not open his eyes. He turned slowly and trudged back into the house. When he crossed the threshold, he tripped, and this last blow made him lose all support. He fell to the ground again, but this time no one came to help him anxiously. He clenched his teeth, trying to prop up his weak body,coltan ore processing, but two days and two nights of running exhausted his strength, and he could no longer struggle. He lay quietly on the ground, watching a ray of sunlight shining through the crack of the door on the ground, not far from him. But he can never reach it. His eyes gradually dimmed, warm tears slowly filled, and he breathed quickly, trying to hold back. For ten years, he vowed not to cry again. He vowed not to be a tearful waste any more. However, this sour feeling made him fall into boundless pain, and then a heart-rending feeling suddenly ran through his whole body. He took a big breath, and the tears came out of his eyes, and they kept flowing, and they hit the ground one by one. He raised his stump and bit his sleeve, trying to suppress his grief. But he couldn't help it. He seemed to go back to that nightmare year. He saw his arms put into a box and taken away as a gift. She saw her mother stop breathing and collapse in front of her, but she couldn't help her. Seeing his body grotesquely mutilated, he could never go back to the way it was before. See everyone look at themselves with strange eyes, as if they are not their own kind. He saw Lian Junxin tugging at his sleeve and slapping him in the face. Seeing the downpour falling from the sky, mineral flotation ,gold cil machine, he fell in the grass, powerless, unable to climb up. From then on, he could no longer take things like a normal person; from then on, he could no longer go out to meet people in a big way; from now on, he would never believe that he would have his own future.. He couldn't help crying, his body curled up and twitched, and he really wanted to lie on the cold ground, never get up again, never remember the time when he had a dream. When he left Nanyandang, Tang Yanchu had already shed tears. He came to the kitchen for the last time. The place where Yue Ruzheng once made a fire to cook with him is now dark and silent. He stood for a long time, pulled out a bundle of firewood with his feet, and pushed it into the yard. Then he hobbled back to the room where Yue Ruzheng had lived, knelt on the bed, bit the ink plum hanging on the wall with his mouth, and laboriously took it down. The courtyard is still full of clear moonlight, cold and silent. He sat alone on the ground and lit the bundle of firewood. The light of the fire quickly reddened the dark corner and reflected his pale face. In the light and shadow beating, Tang Yanchu looked down at the plum blossom in the painting, and then pushed it into the fire. Flames flaming, the twinkling of an eye then engulfed those thick and light plum branches, leaving only ashes scattered flying, fell to the ground. It is easy to leave for a long time. See plum branch, suddenly lovesickness. How many degrees of small window, Youmeng hand in hand? There is no place to find in the dream tonight, wandering. Cold invasion, unknown. Wet red hate ink shallow seal title. Treasure Zheng is empty, no wild geese fly. Handsome wandering in the alleys, there are ancient trees in the sky. Old Testament boat, the heart has become wrong! Song of Huainan Spring Grass Fu, again. Drift zero guest, tears full of clothes. Jiang Kui's Jiang Mei Yin (The end of the third volume) The author has something to say: This chapter has 6000 +, originally wanted to be divided into two chapters, but then I thought it would be better to finish it at one time. It may be less lethal after separation. At the end of the third volume, give me two days to fix it, and maybe you should have a buffer. Because there will be a time span after that, and then there will be no feeling if you watch it. These 2 days you free activities, of course, I do not mind you to review the previous chapters, or leave me some words, heh heh ~ I will revise the layout of those chapters before, because I did not understand the network text, many are dense, some friends said that it will affect reading. So when I see the update, it's not that I'm faking it. Friday continues the fourth volume and begins the turning. I hope everyone can watch it and witness the course of the characters in the play. [Volume IV Ta-Sha Xing] The fortieth chapter is the most knowledgeable Jianghu flavor in my life. The plum blossoms in Yinxi Xiaozhu are numerous and beautiful, one after another in bud, one after another in full bloom, and one after another withered and scattered. The yellow, pink, white and crimson petals flew over the mountain streams, over the green fields, and over the long hair of Yue Ruzheng. The green calyx bloomed and withered, the snow fell and melted,Carbon in Pulp, but she never showed the brilliant smile of the past. She only knew that her life had a stain that could not be washed clean, and there was no impermeable wall in the world. Although her previous acquaintance with Tang Yanchu was not known to others, it gradually spread after she brought back the beads from the Forgotten Love Pavilion. Even the initial unintentional acquaintance was interpreted as her intention to faint in the mountains and seduce Tang Yanchu.