Animal Crossing is a game where you do

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Animal Crossing is a game where you do

Animal Crossing is a game where you do… nicely, now not lots, without a doubt. It's one of the maximum chilled-out video games ever made, one in which you just wander around your little village, making pals with the neighbouring animal folks, and doing menial duties to Animal Crossing Items slowly, slooowly chip away at your crushing debt to resident capitalist tyrant Tom Nook – the satan in a raccoon hide, basically.

His laissez-faire method to accumulating his dues is welcome, however he still expenses exorbitant prices just to improve your squalid little residing area into some thing you could be proud to call a domestic, tempting you all of the whilst with an ever-changing inventory of neat fixtures and useful gear so that it will handiest serve to empty your Bells – the sport's definitely old fashioned currency – and prolong the technique of upgrading and expanding your dwelling house.

Similarly, museum curator Blathers might have you turn over valuable fossils, fish and bugs to him in the interest of renovation, even though those are most of the extra rewarding items to sell for wholesome profits.