Explore Dungeons and Public Events

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Take advantage of the rested XP mechanic by logging out in safe areas

Efficient Questing Routes:

Plan your questing routes to Throne and Liberty Lucent minimize travel time and maximize efficiency. Grouping quests by location and tackling them in a logical order reduces unnecessary travel, allowing you to focus on accumulating XP.

Dynamic Combat Strategies:

Combat is a core element of leveling, so master dynamic combat strategies based on your character class. Experiment with different abilities, combos, and tactics to optimize your combat efficiency and dispatch foes swiftly.

Utilize Rested XP:

Take advantage of the rested XP mechanic by logging out in safe areas, such as inns or sanctuaries. Rested XP boosts your experience gains upon logging back in, providing a significant advantage in leveling.

Join a Faction or Guild:

Aligning yourself with a faction or joining a guild offers additional benefits during the leveling process. Faction quests and guild activities provide extra XP and resources, enhancing your character's growth.

Explore Dungeons and Public Events:

Dungeons and public events are treasure troves of experience points and valuable loot. Venture into dungeons with fellow players or participate in public events to buying throne and liberty lucent reap the rewards of cooperative gameplay.