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There's no minimap feature

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Start date 03-18-24 - 12:00
End date 03-19-24 - 12:00
  • Description

    It's WIC, exactly as the one you remember...except it's not using the mouse.

    We only had a brief period of time to play with an unreleased build of the Xbox 360, but the first thing we noticed was the controller. While it's not an easy undertaking to take something that's as intricate like an RTS and convert its many options, menus and objective lists onto console controllers The developers have done a fantastic job of making it easy to use without reducing it to a bare minimum. In the beginning of campaign mode you'll only need the A button to move and select your units, place them where they're required, and then attack enemies. However, this doesn't mean that you can't use the more advanced controls that you'll discover later however, first-time players should not have a problem getting the hang of it, since it's pleasant and easy. As you advance you'll be able to utilize both primary and second weapons options, which are linked to buttons X and B while the right and left bumpers allow you to control the reinforcements you use and also provide tactical support.

    The selection of units has been made as easy as is possible. By pressing a direction using the pad toggles between troops' teams or vehicles, and lets you choose groups. One press will select the team, and two taps will connect the camera onto the group to provide it with precise directions for the location you would like the team to move. We also learned that teams can be chosen by "painting" them, by pressing the A button and moving using the analog stick on your left across the screen. If you find that too challenging for you, and you're an attack-innumbers type players, then you could make a downward click to the left analog stick that will give you a huge green circle that you can select units by wrapping them around the units. Double clicking on the stick will increase the radius even more.

    There's no minimap feature that's available however it's not difficult to lose your soldiers. If you expand your zoom to the maximum game-field size, you'll be presented with your forces clearly marked with the green arrows and your opponents in red, which allows you to look around the area in a single glance. If you're an up-close-and-personal kind of gamer, you can zoom in to watch your characters battle it out. If you want to buy WoW Classic SoD Gold please visit MMoexp