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VériHier the features of your sound card to calibrate with your app.
Proper export for mastering must be -6 dB, a good start to the mix should be between -12 and
Or if you prefer your metter kick -12dB to adjust your other tracks and vériHiez that the whole exceeds
-10dB not so able to work and achieve - 6dB output Mix.

Le matriçage ou mastering est le processus consistant à transférer un ensemble d'enregistrements pour en faire un programme sur un support physique ou un fichier informatique, lequel servira à une fabrication en série ou à la diffusion. Son but premier est de rendre homogène cet ensemble. Pour l'audio, l'approche diffère suivant que l'album est un original ou une compilation de différentes œuvres originales.


Finally, is it necessary to specify that regular breaks are necessary to protect you from hearing fatigue? Allow between 5 and 10 minutes of rest every hour minimum.

Listening condition
A word now about listening. If it is essential to know thoroughly the couple formed by your monitors and the place in which you are to mix correctly, it is even more true in mastering situation. To learn more, we encourage you to read one of our previous articles on the subject.

Home mastering
On the other hand, the human ear has an unfortunate tendency to quickly get used to everything. In order to reset your esguourdes, remember to listen from time to time to a reference song of your choice, preferably in the same style as the one you are working on.


Mastering tips
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